Our comprehensive beverage service is designed to meet every aspect of your event’s needs, offering flexibility and customization to create a truly memorable experience. Let’s start with the legalities: we hold a liquor license, allowing us to serve a wide array of alcoholic beverages. This is complemented by our customizable drink packages, which are tailored to align with your event theme or personal preferences

Beverage Service Calculator

Planning your perfect event at Brooklyn Detroit involves many details, one of the most important being your beverage service. While our full offering allows you to customize every individual item, down to specific brands and specialty cocktails, this calculator offers a simplified approach to estimate the costs associated with your beverage choices and bartenders.

In the calculator, you’ll find options to select different tiers of beer, wine, and liquor. While in reality we offer a broad range of brands and types within each category, the tiers in the calculator are designed to give you a ballpark estimate. Choose a tier that closely aligns with your event’s needs, and keep in mind this is just a starting point. Our actual service is far more customizable to ensure your event is uniquely yours.

The calculator also includes the option to specify the number of bartenders you’d like to have for your event. We generally recommend one bartender per 50 guests for optimal service. The estimated cost is shown based on a rate of $50 per hour for each bartender. Like the beverage costs, this is meant as a guide and the actual number may vary based on your specific requirements.

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