One of the often-overlooked aspects of hosting an event like a wedding is parking, but at Brooklyn Detroit, we’ve got you covered. Our campus features two large, secure, and well-lit parking lots that can accommodate all your guests comfortably. Parking is complimentary, so you won’t have to add that to your list of expenses or concerns.

The parking lots are strategically located within the same campus as the venue, making it convenient for guests to move from their cars to the event space. Our parking facilities are designed with the safety of your guests in mind; they are monitored and well-lit, providing a secure environment.

For guests with disabilities, we offer accessible parking spots close to the venue entrance to ensure a smooth experience for everyone. If you have any VIP guests or family members for whom you’d like to reserve parking spots, we can certainly accommodate that request.

Beyond the basic parking needs, we can also arrange valet services for an added touch of luxury and convenience. Our aim is to make the parking experience as smooth as possible, so that you and your guests can focus on what’s most important—celebrating your special day. If there are any specific questions or unique parking needs you have, please don’t hesitate to reach out; we are here to make your day as perfect as possible.