When you choose Brooklyn Detroit as your venue, you’re not just renting a space; you’re becoming a part of Detroit’s oldest neighborhood—Corktown. Situated merely 500 feet from the Godfrey Hotel and located on the iconic Michigan Avenue, our venue is at the crossroads of convenience and charm. The historic architecture around you serves as a timeless backdrop, while modern amenities ensure comfort for you and your guests.

Step outside, and you’re immediately immersed in a rich cultural tapestry—from live music venues to art galleries. The dining options range from trendy cafes to high-end restaurants, making it easy to find a culinary experience that complements your event. Your guests, both local and out-of-town, will find Corktown incredibly accessible, thanks to its well-connected routes via highways and public transport. If you’re considering an outdoor extension to your event or simply want to offer your guests a breather, several parks and green spaces in Corktown provide that much-needed escape.

Beer enthusiasts will love the craft breweries, which can serve as informal venues for smaller gatherings or post-event socials. Meanwhile, the riverfront adds a picturesque element that can elevate any event experience. Plus, we are just a stone’s throw away from downtown Detroit, offering you and your guests the option to extend your experience into the city’s core. The strong sense of community and safety in Corktown only adds to the area’s appeal, while the boutique shopping experiences make for perfect last-minute gifts or event favors. By hosting your event in Corktown’s Brooklyn Detroit, you’re guaranteeing an experience as dynamic and authentic as Detroit itself.