Questions a Cannabis Company Might Have:

  1. Is your venue cannabis-friendly?

Answer: Yes, our venue is cannabis-friendly and fully compliant with local laws and regulations governing cannabis events. You’ll need to ensure your event also complies with these guidelines.


  1. What are the security measures in place for cannabis events?

Answer: Security is a top priority for us. We provide comprehensive surveillance and can also offer additional security personnel to ensure compliance with cannabis-specific regulations.


  1. Do you have any restrictions on cannabis consumption areas?

Answer: Yes, we do have designated areas for cannabis consumption, in accordance with local and state laws. These areas are well-ventilated and separate from alcohol consumption areas.


  1. Can we sell cannabis products at our event?

Answer: Yes, you can sell cannabis products as long as you obtain the necessary permits and adhere to all local and state laws concerning the sale and consumption of cannabis.


  1. Is there any additional liability insurance required for hosting a cannabis event?

Answer: You will need to secure additional liability insurance specific to cannabis events, and we can recommend insurance providers who specialize in this area.


  1. Are there any ventilation or odor-control measures in place?

Answer: Our venue is equipped with excellent ventilation systems to manage odors and ensure a comfortable environment for all guests.


  1. Can we incorporate cannabis into the catering or refreshments?

Answer: Yes, you can offer cannabis-infused foods and beverages, but they must be clearly labeled and served in a separate area from regular food and drink, in compliance with local laws.


  1. How close is the nearest dispensary?

Answer: We have several dispensaries in close proximity to our venue, some even within walking distance, making it convenient for your guests to access a variety of cannabis products.


  1. Do you have experience hosting cannabis events?

Answer: Yes, we’ve successfully hosted a variety of cannabis events, from trade shows to private parties, and can offer you guidance on best practices for your specific event type.


  1. What is your cancellation policy for cannabis events?

Answer: Our cancellation policy is the same for all events, including cannabis-related ones. Details are outlined in the contract we provide during the booking process.