While we don’t offer in-house catering, Brooklyn Detroit is designed to accommodate all your catering needs with maximum flexibility.


Vendor Flexibility

  • No In-House Catering: We don’t tie you down to in-house catering, giving you the freedom to choose your preferred vendors.
  • Outside Vendors Allowed: You can bring in any caterer, as long as they meet our licensing and insurance requirements.
  • No Extra Charge for Vendors: You won’t incur extra fees for bringing in your chosen vendors, making your budget stretch further.

Logistics and Facilities

  • Easy Load In/Load Out: Our loading dock ensures smooth operations for your catering team.
  • Designated Catering Areas: We offer two separate spaces where caterers can set up and prepare food.
  • Utilities Included: Both water supply and electrical outlets are readily available in the catering area.
  • Tables for Food Setup: We provide 6 and 8 foot plastic folding tables for your caterer’s use.

Limitations and Requirements

  • Refrigeration: Note that we don’t have a refrigeration unit, so make arrangements with your caterer.
  • Dishware: We don’t provide dishware; this will be your caterer’s responsibility.
  • Waste Disposal: Caterers must remove their own waste, using our designated waste disposal areas.

Special Options

  • Food Trucks: Looking for a casual vibe? Our outdoor space can accommodate food trucks.
  • Tasting On-Site: Though we don’t provide food, your chosen caterer may offer on-site tastings.


  • Time Constraints: Caterers should arrive 4 hours before the event and complete breakdown within 2 hours afterward.
  • Open Flame Cooking: Your caterer must adhere to all fire codes if open flame cooking is planned.
  • Leftover Food: You or your caterer will be responsible for any leftover food, as we cannot store it.
  • Buffet or Seated Dinner: Whether you prefer a buffet or a sit-down meal, we’ve got you covered.
  • Alcoholic Beverages: All alcoholic beverages must be purchased through our licensed bar service.

By offering this extensive range of options and facilities, Brooklyn Detroit aims to make your event catering as smooth and personalized as possible. Please reach out with any questions or to arrange a venue tour.