Walking into Brooklyn Detroit is like stepping back in time while also glimpsing the future. The venue’s roots trace back to 1855 when Alois Laitner, a German immigrant, founded the Laitner Brush Co. Alongside his sons, Laitner built a business that was not only profitable but socially responsible, providing employment opportunities and focusing on employee welfare. 


His spirit of innovation led the company to become one of the first to introduce brush-filling machines in 1906, revolutionizing the industry. When the Kolarevic brothers purchased the company in 2000, they continued to uphold the founder’s emphasis on innovation and ethical practices, tripling its growth.


Despite changes in ownership and even product line, one thing remained constant: the core values of hard, honest work, fairness, and a relentless focus on quality. Laitner Brush Co. evolved over the years, transforming from a local brush supplier for Michigan cavalry units during the Civil War to a nationally recognized name in automotive and janitorial brushes.


Today, as Brooklyn Detroit, the venue embodies these same values. Though the primary offering has shifted from brushes to event space, the focus on quality, social responsibility, and innovation has not wavered. We consider it a privilege to carry on the traditions of those who came before us, providing a venue that is not just a space but a testament to the power of responsible business and community engagement. As you plan your event, know that you’re becoming a part of this rich tapestry, contributing to a legacy that’s been over a century in the making.