Planning an event is no small feat. The logistics alone can be dizzying, and that’s before you get to the myriad of decisions about vendors, layouts, and timelines. Hidden costs can quickly add up, and restrictive venue policies can make you feel boxed in, adding layers of complexity and stress to an already daunting task. At Brooklyn Detroit, we’ve made it our mission to take that stress off your plate. How? Through a philosophy that champions transparency, flexibility, and simplicity.


Our transparency is most evident in our pricing. No hidden fees, no last-minute surprises. You get a 24-hour rental period, which takes the rush out of both setting up and taking down your event. We understand that you may want to bring in specialized vendors to make your day unique, so we don’t charge extra for 3rd-party vendors. We invite you to make the space your own, applying only limited restrictions to ensure safety and respect for all.


Flexibility is another cornerstone of our philosophy. We own a large inventory of event essentials, eliminating the need for you to rent these items separately. From tables and chairs to audio-visual equipment, it’s all available to you as part of your venue package. This not only cuts down your costs but also simplifies the coordination process. One less vendor to manage, one less contract to read, one less bill to pay.


In a world where event planning can easily turn into a stressful endeavor, Brooklyn Detroit stands as an oasis of ease and clarity. Your event is a big deal, and we believe the planning process should be as joyous as the event itself. That’s why we’re committed to offering you a venue and a service that’s as flexible as it is transparent, so you can create an event that’s truly yours, free from unnecessary stress and limitations.